Manuel A. Ruiz Garcia

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Radiofrequency thermal ablation (RFTA) is considered the treatment of choice for osteoid osteomas, in which it has long been safely used. Other benign conditions (chondroblastoma, osteoblastoma, giant cell tumour, etc.) can also be treated by this technique, which is less invasive than traditional surgical procedures. RFTA ablation is also an option for the(More)
3D Terrain understanding and structure estimation is a crucial issue for robots navigating rescue scenarios. Large scale 3D point clouds, even if crisp and yielding a detailed representation of the scene, provide no information about what is ground, and what is top, what can be surmounted and what can be not, what can be crossed, and what is too deep to be(More)
We introduce a novel framework for modeling articulated objects based on the aspects of their components. By decomposing the object into components, we divide the problem in smaller modeling tasks. After obtaining 3D models for each component aspect by employing a shape deformation paradigm, we merge them together, forming the object components. The final(More)
We present a method for estimating the contact event between sensor-free active subtracks, named flippers, of an articulated tracked vehicle (ATV) and the terrain surface. The main idea is to consider both the moving base link and unexpected collisions dynamics as disturbances of the flipper dynamics. On this basis we extend the generalized momenta fault(More)
In this work, we present a Bayesian non-parametric approach to model the motion control of ATVs. The motion control model is based on a Dirichlet Process-Gaussian Process (DP-GP) mixture model. The DP-GP mixture model provides a flexible representation of patterns of control manoeuvres along trajectories of different lengths and discretizations. The model(More)
In this paper, we describe a Mixed-Initiative Operational Model (MIOM) which directly intervenes on the state of the functionalities embedded into a robot for Urban Search&Rescue (USAR) domain applications. MIOM extends the reasoning capabilities of the vehicle, i.e. mapping, path planning, visual perception and trajectory tracking, with operator knowledge.(More)
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