Manuel A. Armada

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This article surveys traditional research topics in industrial robotics and mobile robotics and then expands on new trends in robotics research that focus more on the interaction between human and robot. The new trends in robotics research have been denominated service robotics because of their general goal of getting robots closer to human social needs,(More)
Detection and removal of antipersonnel landmines is an important worldwide concern. A huge number of landmines has been deployed over the last twenty years, and demining will take several more decades, even if no more mines were deployed in future. An adequate mine-clearance rate can only be achieved by using new technologies such as improved sensors,(More)
A four-legged mobile platform increases productivity and improves quality and working conditions for industrial naval applications. It is an automatic welding system for ship construction processes. It increases productivity by increasing total arc time, improving weld quality, and creating better working conditions for operators. The overall system(More)
In the last two decades in particular, climbing and walking robots have been the subject of important research activity worldwide. However, the practical use of these robots is still limited and only a few are in actual use in live situations. In the general framework of the CLAWAR Thematic Network, several working groups have been established to formulate(More)
Minimization of energy expenditure in autonomous mobile robots for industrial and service applications is a topic of huge importance, as it is the best way of lengthening mission time without modifying the power supply. This paper presents a method to minimize the energy consumption of a hexapod robot on irregular terrain. An energy-consumption model is(More)
This paper proposes a sequential masking algorithm based on the K-means method that combines RGB and multispectral imagery for discrimination of Cabernet Sauvignon grapevine elements in unstructured natural environments, without placing any screen behind the canopy and without any previous preparation of the vineyard. In this way, image pixels are(More)
This paper presents the EC funded Climbing and walking robotics project and its activities to encourage the development of a common framework to assist researchers and companies to focus at the component level to make the required innovations. An open modular philosophy is felt to be needed to allow the robotics technology to evolve so that the wide and(More)