Manuel Álvarez-Rodríguez

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In this paper we present an analytical approach to pilot-based synchronization algorithms for data hiding in still images. A representative algorithm belonging to the family of those exploiting a regular structure in the spreading sequence is chosen for study. We improve it by proposing the use of the Levenberg–Marquardt's method for nonlinear least-squares(More)
Sperm head morphometry is a parameter in the evaluation of semen that has been associated with fertility in two ways: comparing morphometric measures between predefined groups of fertility; or analyzing morphometric data by multivariate techniques to identify cell populations. We analyzed the morphometry of ram sperm head by three procedures and checked its(More)
Endogenous and exogenous opioids modulate reproductive functions in target cells via opioid receptors (μ, δ, and κ). Sperm motility is a metric of gamete functionality, and serves as a suitable parameter for in vitro drug-induced toxicity assays. This study identifies the presence and location of opioid receptors in pig spermatozoa as well as their(More)
BACKGROUND Spermatozoa are stored in the oviductal functional sperm reservoir in animals with internal fertilization, including zoologically distant classes such as pigs or poultry. They are held fertile in the reservoir for times ranging from a couple of days (in pigs), to several weeks (in chickens), before they are gradually released to fertilize the(More)
Freezing of boar spermatozoa includes the cryoprotectant glycerol, but renders low cryosurvival, owing to major changes in osmolarity during freezing/thawing. We hypothesize that aquaporins (AQPs) 7 and 9 adapt their membrane domain location to these osmotic challenges, thus maintaining sperm homeostasis. Western blotting (WB) and immunocytochemistry (ICC)(More)
Memoria que presenta para optar al grado de Doctor el Licenciado en Biología. 1. Quality of frozen-thawed semen in brown bear is not affected by timing of glycerol addition. 3. The Antioxidant effects of soybean lecithin-or low-density lipoprotein-based externders for the cryopreservation of brown bear (Ursus arctos) spermatozoa. 4. The addition of heat(More)
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