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Searching for Darwinian selection in natural populations has been the focus of a multitude of studies over the last decades. Here we present the 1000 Genomes Selection Browser 1.0 (http://hsb.upf.edu) as a resource for signatures of recent natural selection in modern humans. We have implemented and applied a large number of neutrality tests as well as(More)
MOTIVATION Detecting positive selection in genomic regions is a recurrent topic in natural population genetic studies. However, there is little consistency among the regions detected in several genome-wide scans using different tests and/or populations. Furthermore, few methods address the challenge of classifying selective events according to specific(More)
Parameter optimization coupled with model selection is a convenient approach to infer gene regulatory networks from experimental gene expression data, but so far it has been limited to single cells or static tissues where growth is not significant. Here, we present a computational study in which we determine an optimal gene regulatory network from the(More)
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