Manu Rastogi

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Complex dumb-bell spinal tumors are challenging surgical lesions. Combined antero-posterior exposures have traditionally been used in their management. This combined exposure has the disadvantage of a two-stage operation with transthoracic or retroperitoneal dissection. With better understanding of biomechanics of spine and evolution of microsurgical(More)
2012 c 2012 Manu Rastogi 2 To my parents, my family and my teachers 3 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I am greatly indebted to my adviser Dr. John G. Harris for giving me the opportunity to work in his lab. He has been a very understanding and a patient mentor. It is from him that I learnt to be analytical, think creatively, explore new ideas and explore simple solutions(More)
to foster and sustain innovation in the long-term. Ten to fifteen PFI grants are awarded each year. Under the auspices of this grant, our CIBMI has two main goals: 1) to exploit UF technologies for technology transfer; 2) teaching and immersing graduate students and faculty in innovation and entrepre-neurship through a unique experiential learning framework(More)
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