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Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) has become a popular modulation method in high speed wireless communications. By partitioning a wideband fading channel into flat narrowband channels, OFDM is able to mitigate the detrimental effects of multipath fading using a simple one-tap equalizer. There is a growing need to quickly transmit information(More)
BACKGROUND Molecular genetic testing is recommended for diagnosis of inherited cardiac disease, to guide prognosis and treatment, but access is often limited by cost and availability. Recently introduced high-throughput bench-top DNA sequencing platforms have the potential to overcome these limitations. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We evaluated two(More)
We discuss the idea of differential fairness in polling systems. One such example scenario is: primary customers demand certain Quality of Service (QoS) and the idea is to utilize the surplus server capacity to serve a secondary class of customers. We use achievable region approach for this. Towards this, we consider a two queue polling system and study its(More)
Many device to device communication networks can be modelled by multi-class tandem queues. In many applications, it is desired to have different quality of service for various classes. This can be achieved by implementing dynamic priority across classes. Performance analysis is an important aspect in such multi-class tandem queueing models for resource(More)
Small cell networks promise to boost the capacity and provide good QoS (Quality of Service) to cell edge users. However they pose serious challenges, especially in the case of high speed unidirectional (e.g., users traveling on highways or in metros) users, in the form of frequent handovers. The extent of the handover losses depend greatly upon the speed of(More)
Completeness of some scheduling policies with mean waiting time performance measure is used quiet extensively in literature for dynamic control of multi-class queues due to its wide range of applications in computers, communication networks and manufacturing systems. For a single class queue, we introduce the idea of 2-moment completeness of a parametrized(More)
RATIONALE The rationale was to utilize a bioinformatics approach to identify miRNA binding sites in genes with single nucleotide mutations (SNPs) to discover pathways in heart failure (HF). OBJECTIVE The objective was to focus on the genes containing miRNA binding sites with miRNAs that were significantly altered in end-stage HF and in response to a left(More)
The single nucleotide polymorphism rs55705857, located in a non-coding but evolutionarily conserved region at 8q24.21, is strongly associated with IDH-mutant glioma development and was suggested to be a causal variant. However, the molecular mechanism underlying this association has remained unknown. With a case control study in 285 gliomas, 316 healthy(More)
Conservation laws and the related achievable region for mean waiting times are important concepts in multi-class queues. The nice geometric polytope structure of this region driven by the conservation law is exploited extensively for dynamic control of multi-class queues. Such control problems have wide range of applications in computers, communication(More)
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