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Rhinosporidiosis is a chronic granulomatous disorder, caused by Rhinosporidium seeberi endemic in India and Sri Lanka. The most common sites are the nasal mucosa and the nasopharynx and cutaneous lesions usually occur as a part of disseminated rhinosporidiosis. Dapsone has been frequently used in treating disseminated disease in immunocompetent individuals.(More)
Pulse diagnosis is very important method for predicting the health status or disorder in a patient in Indian Traditional Medicine. This paper presents the literature review on research & findings of researchers on different techniques & approaches of pulse diagnosis. Prakriti and Vikruti can be discovered through pulse diagnosis. Knowledge of(More)
Pulse signal contains rich diagnostic information of human body and it reflects the overall status of body which has been proved in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Computerized pulse diagnosis get more and more research concerned in recent years. Computerized pulse signals collected from various sensors, brings in noise inevitably. During the sampling(More)
Wrist Pulse Signal (WPS) has significant diagnostic importance and is one of the oldest tool used by Ayurvedic physicians in Traditional Indian Medicine. The WPS acquisition is prone to the intervention from other biological and environmental sources. Baseline wandering can disguise some imperative features of the WPS hence it is a need to eradicate the(More)
Increased complexities of hardware designs have made exhaustive simulation of designs near impossible - thereby creating a need for some complementary verification technique. This has generated a renewed interest in use of formal analysis on industrial hardware designs. Formal analysis of hardware design involves use of mathematical techniques to prove that(More)
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