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This paper describes a new method for recognizing overtraced strokes to 2D geometric primitives, which are further interpreted as 2D line drawings. This method can support rapid grouping and fitting of overtraced polylines or conic curves based on the classified characteristics of each stroke during its preprocessing stage. The orientation and its endpoints(More)
A new method is proposed to match planar curves under affine transformation in this paper. First, the definition of NRLCTI (normalized run length code of conner and tangent and inflexion points) of a two-dimensional curve is given. In terms of NRLCTI, we can match feature points both on object and models preliminarily. Then a method for estimating optimal(More)
This paper presents a dynamic color model based on the electromagnetic wave theory to characterize the color feature of pixels, which simulates the continuous variety of visible light. In practice, the dynamic model can be discretized, and then we use a vector to represent the color feature of pixels in a K-dimension space, which is named the dynamic color(More)
This paper presents a novel method for interpreting overtraced strokes to single line drawing. The approach consists of three stages: preprocessing, stroke classification, strokes grouping and fitting. The preprocessing methods include stroke preprocessing and grouping preprocessing. The former discuss the polygonal approximation to represents the stroke(More)
Orientation of polygon, convexity or concavity of vertices and point inclusion test are three fundamental problems in geometry. In this paper, a novel method to identify the orientation of a triangle using its extreme vertex order is proposed. The orientation of a polygon can be determined by a triangle which is composed of an extreme vertex and its two(More)
This paper presents an algorithm which can determine the orientation of a polygon according to the sequence of extreme vertexes. The convexity and concavity of polygon vertices can be determined by examining whether the orientation of the triangle formed by the vertex and its two adjacent vertices is the same as the orientation of polygon. However, the(More)
Multiphase level set model is sensitive to initial contour curve and has huge computation in the process of the multiple objects' segmentation. This paper presents a novel Image segmentation method for multiphase scenario, which initialize the multiphase level set function by coarse image segmentation using fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm and apply graph(More)
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