Mantosh Biswas

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Removing impulse noise in digital images is one of the major challenges in digital image processing. Pixels in digital images get corrupted during transmission due to impulse noise. In this paper, we propose a modified decision based median filter that removes impulse noise from gray images. For noise removal from digital images, different types of median(More)
In this paper, a hybrid image denoising method that is based on locally adaptive window-based maximum likelihood (LAWML) and NeighShrink. The LAWML is doubly stochastic process models which denoise an image by exploiting the dependency of local wavelet coefficients within each scale. The LAWML needs a global optimal neighboring window. The NeighShrink(More)
The term Curvelet transform in the field of Image Processing is quite well known from past few years. Its ability to detect curved features and smooth areas in an image marks its huge importance in the area of image denoising. However the ability to denoise image depends upon the selection and application of threshold after doing Curvelet based(More)
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