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This study evaluated the acute effects of two different stretch intensities on muscle damage and extensibility. Twenty-two physically active women (age 20 ± 1.0 years) were divided into two matched groups and undertook eight sets of 30-s passive hamstring stretching. One group stretched to the point of discomfort (POD) and the other to the point of pain(More)
The aim of this study was to assess whether side-to-side differences in morphology and function of the upper limbs in 11-12 year-old male baseball players with throwing-related pain (n=14) were more pronounced than that of age-matched healthy untrained subjects (n=16). Baseball players 1) had played baseball≥4.5 h·wk-1 for ≥ 4 years and (2) suffered from(More)
The aim of this study was to assess changes in indirect markers of muscle damage and type I collagen degradation, as well as, patellar and Achilles tendon morphological differences during nine daily drop-jumps sessions with constant load alternated with rapid increases in load to test the hypothesis that frequent drop-jump training results in negative(More)
BACKGROUND Knee pain without knee degenerative symptoms is a common phenomenon among young basketball players. The aim of this study was to identify factors predisposing young basketball players to suffer from knee pain. METHODS The study involved 20 male adolescent (14-15 years) basketball players who were divided into two equal groups based on knee pain(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the benefits and possible problems of 4 weeks stretching when taken to the point of pain (POP) and to the point of discomfort (POD). Twenty-six physically active women (20 ± 1.1 years) took part in group-based stretching classes of the hamstring muscles, 4 times per week for 4 weeks, one group one stretching to POD,(More)
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