Mansureh Kamali

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Vulnerability control is a problematic task for system operator who under economic pressure may be reluctant to take preventive action against very harmful contingencies in order to guarantee providing continued service. This paper presents fast and accurate load shedding technique based on neuro-fuzzy controller for determining the amount of load shed to(More)
OBJECTIVE Dracocephalum kotschyi (Lamiaceae family) has been used in traditional medicine for stomach and liver disorders, headache and congestion. In the present study, we have investigated phytochemical properties and antioxidant activities of dichloromethane, ethyl acetate and methanol extracts of D.kotschyi. MATERIAL AND METHODS Antioxidant activities(More)
Thirteen Iranian populations of diverse origin have been analyzed for qualitative dermatoglyphic features utilizing bilateral finger and palmar prints of 3,158 individuals. Bimanual differences were significant for some of the features examined, whereas sex differences were frequently nonsignificant. Interpopulational variation displayed significant(More)
The bilateral palmar prints of 3,158 females and males from 13 Iranian populations of diverse origins were analyzed to see how well topological palmar pattern frequencies reflect population distances. The results showed bimanual variation among most of the populations studied. Sex variation showed significant differences among all of the populations(More)
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