Mansura Habiba

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Managing data access control in an authorized and authenticated way is still one of the key challenge in cloud security. In a complex environment like cloud, data owner and Cloud Service Provider (CSP) need to monitor continuously who is accessing which data in order to prevent unauthorized access. Moreover, it should be pre-defined that who can perform(More)
Cloud system framework must ensure appropriate security for data storages along with satisfied timing constrain and performance. Usually, data in cloud are very dynamic and different types of data demand different level of security. Hence, if different cloud data storages can be provided with different level of security, managing data will be more flexible(More)
Today our world is ready to make the maximum use of cloud computing facility as like other daily most common utilities such as electricity, gas and water. However, currently the cloud is showing its limited effect in case of utility service system. The main lacking in cloud is the absence of unified architecture for deploying service and use of application(More)
The scheduling problem domain in cloud environment recently has been extended to deal with two new phenomenon such as data-intensive and security constraints in cloud environment. However traditional scheduling approaches have been failed to deal with these new addition. In this paper, the system architecture along with security constraint model for(More)
Workflow model is a computerized model to run business process in commercial industries. However, it can be used in different other scenario, especially where the real time environment is similar to distributed environment. In this paper, we have focused on how workflow model in cloud computing can help to maintain the rescue and reorganization activities(More)
In this paper we have proposed an architecture of an efficient access control management component in order to enable Access Control Management as a Service (ACMaaS) for NoSQL based database used for Big Data as a service in case of enterprise solutions. In a trivial enterprise solution the security is more sensitive and there are multi-level of access(More)
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