Mansur R. Kabuka

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ASMOV (Automated Semantic Matching of Ontologies with Verification) is a novel algorithm that uses lexical and structural characteristics of two ontologies to iteratively calculate a similarity measure between them, derives an alignment, and then verifies it to ensure that it does not contain semantic inconsistencies. In this paper, we describe the ASMOV(More)
A framework for retrieving images by spatial similarity (FRISS) in ima ge databases is presented. In this framework, a robust retrieval by spatial similarity (RSS) algorithm is defined as one that incorporates both directional and topological spatial constraints, retrieves similar images, and recognized images even after they undergo translation, scaling,(More)
This paper introduces a 3D MRI segmentation algorithm based on Hidden Markov Models (HMMs). The mathematical models for the HMM that forms the basis of the segmentation algorithm for both the continuous and discrete cases are developed and contrasted with Hidden Markov Random Field in terms of complexity and extensibility to larger fields. The presented(More)
The Automated Semantic Mapping of Ontologies with Validation (ASMOV) algorithm for ontology alignment was one of the top performing algorithms in the 2007 Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative (OAEI). In this paper, we present a brief overview of the algorithm and its improvements, followed by an analysis of its results on the 2008 OAEI tests. 1(More)
An algorithm is developed that detects well-localized, unfragmented, thin edges in medical images based on optimization of edge configurations using a genetic algorithm (GA). Several enhancements were added to improve the performance of the algorithm over a traditional GA. The edge map is split into connected subregions to reduce the solution space and(More)
Large image databases have emerged in various applications in recent years. A prime requisite of these databases is the means by which their contents can be indexed and retrieved. A multilevel signature file called the Two Signature Multi-level Signature File (<italic>2SMLSF</italic>) is introduced as an efficient access structure for large image databases.(More)
Numerous ontology alignment algorithms have appeared in the literature in recent years, but only a few make use of the semantics enclosed within the ontologies in order to improve the accuracy. In this paper, we present the Automated Semantic Mapping of Ontologies with Validation (ASMOV) algorithm for ontology alignment. We first provide a brief overview of(More)