Mansour Zarrin

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The strategy of organizational lean production emphasizes on increasing efficiency, quality improvement and cycle time reduction by eliminating non-value added activities (MUDA). This paper presents a comprehensive approach based on data envelopment analysis (DEA), fuzzy DEA (FDEA), fuzzy cognitive map (FCM), Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory(More)
Trust prediction turns out to be an important challenge when cooperation among intelligent agents with an impression of trust in their mind, is investigated. In other words, predicting trust values for future time slots help partners to identify the probability of continuing a relationship. Another important case to be considered is the context of trust,(More)
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to present an integrated framework for performance evaluation and analysis of human resource (HR) with respect to the factors of health, safety, environment and ergonomics (HSEE) management system, and also the criteria of European federation for quality management (EFQM) as one of the well-known business excellence(More)
OBJECTIVE Nowadays, effective scheduling of patients in clinics, laboratories, and emergency rooms is becoming increasingly important. Hospitals are required to maximize the level of patient satisfaction, while they are faced with lack of space and facilities. An effective scheduling of patients in existing conditions is vital for improving healthcare(More)
Decision making failure is a predominant human error in emergency situations. To demonstrate the subject model, operators of an oil refinery were asked to answer a health, safety and environment HSE-decision styles (DS) questionnaire. In order to achieve this purpose, qualitative indicators in HSE and ergonomics domain have been collected. Decision styles,(More)
This study presents an integrated simulation and data envelopment analysis (DEA) approach to increase the quality of service in a neurosurgical intensive care unit (ICU). The aim of this study is to capture the main factors which have negatively affects the patients’ satisfactions and figure out their optimized levels. In order to avoid any interruption in(More)
Road accidents can be caused by different factors such as human factors. Quality of the decision-making process of drivers could have a considerable impact on preventing disasters. The main objective of this study is the analysis of factors affecting road accidents by considering the severity of accidents and decision-making styles of drivers. To this end,(More)
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