Mansour Kabganian

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Various modules have been introduced by the researches which each one has special capabilities and is able to perform some tasks as the basic segment of a microrobot system. In most of previous works a module had been designed to produce either translational movement or rotational movement. But this paper is concerned with a new flexible microrobot module(More)
An adaptive trajectory-tracking controller is developed for a single flexible-link manipulator with presence of friction in the joint and parametric uncertainties. The distributed-parameter dynamic modeling approach is used to design the controller. To eliminate large steady-state tracking error, an adaptive friction compensation technique is proposed based(More)
An adaptive sliding mode control is investigated for rotational maneuvers of a flexible spacecraft. The model of the spacecraft consists of a rigid central hub and two flexible appendages. Using the sliding mode scheme, asymptotical tracking control of the slew angle and vibration suppression of the system is accomplished. Stability proof of the overall(More)
The effects of the reaction wheel as control actuator in multi-axis attitude maneuver of a flexible spacecraft is considered. Four reaction wheels in an inclined configuration are used for reorienting a flexible spacecraft. In modeling of the actuator, friction, inertia and electrical subsystems are considered. An efficient approach in modeling the(More)
In this paper, an accurate model of the MEMS vibratory z-axis gyroscope is demonstrated and an adaptive controller is designed to make the sense mode accelerometer output a sinusoidal oscillation along the y axis of the gyroscope with the desired amplitude and frequency. The designed scheme has the capability of estimating the angular velocity due to the(More)