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in Osaka. RoboCup is a research-oriented initiative that pioneered the field of multirobot research of robot teams starting in 1996. In those days, most of the robotics research was focused on single-robot issues. RoboCup opened a new horizon for multirobot research: Teams of robots need to face other teams of robots to accomplish specific goals. This(More)
A mobile robot should be able to analyze what it is seeing in real time rate and decide accordingly. Fast and reliable analysis of image data is one of the key points in soccer robot performance. In this paper we suggest a very fast method for object finding which uses the concept of perspective view. In our method, we introduce a set of jump points in(More)
Recommended by Rafael Molina Motion blur is one of the most common causes of image degradation. Restoration of such images is highly dependent on accurate estimation of motion blur parameters. To estimate these parameters, many algorithms have been proposed. These algorithms are different in their performance, time complexity, precision, and robustness in(More)
Capacity is one of the most important parameters in image watermarking. Different works have been done on this subject with different assumptions on image and communication channel. However, there is not a global agreement to estimate watermarking capacity. In this paper, we suggest a method to find the capacity of images based on their complexities. We(More)
In this paper we describe some mechanical, hardware and software aspects of our robots specially used in teamwork. The pneumatic design of the gripers and kicker enables the robot to make a good control of ball when dribbling and also passing the ball in short and long distances. The teamwork software enables our robots to perform a cooperative behavior by(More)