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in Osaka. RoboCup is a research-oriented initiative that pioneered the field of multirobot research of robot teams starting in 1996. In those days, most of the robotics research was focused on single-robot issues. RoboCup opened a new horizon for multirobot research: Teams of robots need to face other teams of robots to accomplish specific goals. This(More)
In this paper, we present a new adaptive contourlet-based steganography method that hides secret data in a specific or automatically selected cover image. Our proposed steganography method primarily decomposes the cover image by contourlet transform. Then, every bit of secret data is embedded by increasing or decreasing the value of one coefficient in a(More)
—Persian (Farsi) script is totally cursive and each character is written in several different forms depending on its former and later characters in the word. These complexities make automatic handwriting recognition of Persian a very hard problem and there are few contributions trying to work it out. This paper presents a novel practical approach to online(More)
Mostly the embedding capacity of steganography methods is assessed in non-zero DCT coefficients. Due to unequal distribution of non-zero DCT coefficients in images with different contents, images with the same number of non-zero DCT coefficients may have different actual embedding capacities. This paper introduces embedding capacity as a property of images(More)
Since tracking algorithms should be robust with respect to appearance changes, online algorithms has been investigated recently instead of offline ones which has shown an acceptable performance in controlled environments. The most challenging issue in online algorithms is updating of the model causing tracking failure because of introducing small errors in(More)