Mansour Jamzad

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Steganalysis is a technique to detect the presence of hidden embedded information in a given data. Each steganalyzer is composed of feature extraction and feature classification components. Using features that are more sensitive to data hiding yields higher success in steganalysis. The present paper offers a new universal approach to steganalysis that uses(More)
Motion blur is one of the most common causes of image degradation. Restoration of such images is highly dependent on accurate estimation of motion blur parameters. To estimate these parameters, many algorithms have been proposed. These algorithms are different in their performance, time complexity, precision, and robustness in noisy environments. In this(More)
Persian (Farsi) script is totally cursive and each character is written in several different forms depending on its former and later characters in the word. These complexities make automatic handwriting recognition of Persian a very hard problem and there are few contributions trying to work it out. This paper presents a novel practical approach to online(More)
Motion blur is one of the most common blurs that degrades images. Restoration of such images are highly dependent to estimation of motion blur parameters. Many researchers have developed algorithms to estimate linear motion blur parameters. These algorithms are different in their performance, time complexity, precision and their robustness in noisy(More)
A category of techniques for secret data communication called steganography hides data in multimedia mediums. It involves embedding secret data into a cover-medium by means of small perceptible and statistical degradation. In this paper, a new adaptive steganography method based on contourlet transform is presented that provides large embedding capacity. We(More)
RoboCup-2001 was the Fifth International RoboCup Competition and Conference (figure 1). It was held for the first time in the United States, following RoboCup-2000 in Melbourne, Australia; RoboCup-99 in Stockholm; RoboCup-98 in Paris; and RoboCup-97 in Osaka. RoboCup is a research-oriented initiative that pioneered the field of multirobot research of robot(More)
An advantage of steganography, as opposed to other information hiding techniques, is that the embedder can select a cover image that results in the least detectable stego image. In a previously proposed method, a technique based on block texture similarity was introduced where blocks of cover image were replaced with the similar secret image blocks; then(More)
In this paper, we present a new adaptive contourlet-based steganography method that hides secret data in a specific or automatically selected cover image. Our proposed steganography method primarily decomposes the cover image by contourlet transform. Then, every bit of secret data is embedded by increasing or decreasing the value of one coefficient in a(More)