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Dosimetric quantities of 192Ir seed (5 mm length) and wire (10 mm length) brachytherapy sources have been determined. The quantities were measured based on the protocol introduced by the Radiation Therapy Committee of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Task Group 43. Quantities such as dose rate constant, (lambda), radial dose(More)
High-energy linear accelerators (linacs) have several advantages, including low skin doses and high dose rates at deep-seated tumours. But, at energies more than 8 MeV, photonuclear reactions produce neutron contamination around the therapeutic beam, which may induce secondary malignancies. In spite of improvements achieved in medical linac designs, many(More)
The effect of pre-irradiation annealing in an oven at 240 degrees C/10 min (oven anneal) and in a TLD reader at 6 degrees C s(-1), 10 s dwell time at a maximum temperature 240 degrees C (reader anneal), on the glow curve structure of a home made sample of LiF:Mg,Cu,P powder has been investigated. It is shown that on oven annealing the glow peak areas of(More)
Passive radon dosimeters, based on alpha particle etched track detectors, are widely used for the assessment of radon exposure. These methods are often applied in radon dosimetry for long periods of time. In this research work, we have developed a highly efficient method of personal/environmental radon dosimetry that is based upon the detection of alpha(More)
Radiation quantity values at all points of a known distance range of gamma radiation calibration fields were calculated using a mathematical method. The method is based on interpolation using Chi-square test on a set of experimental data at optional points of both collimated and un-collimated calibration set-ups by means of a reference instrument. In(More)
The X-ray body scanner (BS) is going to find common use as a body-checking equipment at the entrance borders of countries, to find illicit drugs or forbidden items which have been hidden inside the body cavities, or attached to the body parts of the passengers. Considering the tissue weighting factors of the sensitive organs, the total effective dose due to(More)
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