Mansour Eddaly

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A hybrid genetic algorithm is proposed in this paper to minimize the makespan and the total flowtime in the no-wait flowshop scheduling problem, which is known to be NP-hard for more than two machines. The Variable Neighborhood Search is used as an improvement procedure in the last step of the genetic algorithm. First, comparisons are provided with respect(More)
— We propose a hybrid approach for multi-objective assignment problem which combines genetic algorithm and mathematical programming techniques. This method is based on the dominance cost variant of the multi-objective genetic algorithm hybridized with exact method. The initial population is generated by solving a series of mono-objective assignment problems(More)
This paper addresses to the scheduling of a permutation flowshop scheduling problem with blocking constraints to minimize the total completion time with a branch and bound algorithm. New machine based lower bound was developed for the problem. The experimental results on this criterion have shown the efficiency of the proposed algorithm both in terms of(More)
The paper presents an exact approach for a permutation flowshop scheduling problem with blocking constraint. The objective is to minimize the total completion time of jobs. The solution method is a branch and bound procedure where lower bounds based on problem characteristics are derived. Whithin an experimental performance analysis, this approach is(More)
We consider the m machine blocking flowshop scheduling problem. The objective is to obtain a feasible solution that minimizes the total tardiness criterion. We derive new machine based lower bound for this problem. Favorable experimental results are reported on an extensive set of problem instances.