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The aim of this paper is to present an Arabic speech database that represents Arabic native speakers from all the cities of Saudi Arabia. The database is called the Saudi Accented Arabic Voice Bank (SAAVB). Preparing the prompt sheets, selecting the right speakers and transcribing their speech are some of the challenges that faced the project team. The(More)
The paper proposes a diphone/sub-syllable method for Arabic Text-to-Speech (ATTS) systems. The proposed approach exploits the particular syllabic structure of the Arabic words. For good quality, the boundaries of the speech segments are chosen to occur only at the sustained portion of vowels. The speech segments consists of consonants-half vowels, half(More)
This paper presents a stochastic-based approach for misspelling correction of Arabic text. In this approach, a context-based two-layer system is utilized to automatically correct misspelled words in large datasets. The first layer produces a list in which possible alternatives for each misspelled word are ranked using the Damerau-Levenshtein edit distance.(More)
In recent years, glycerol has become an attractive carbon source for microbial processes, as it accumulates massively as a by-product of biodiesel production, also resulting in a decline of its price. A potential use of glycerol in biotechnology is the synthesis of poly(3-hydroxypropionate) [poly(3HP)], a biopolymer with promising properties which is not(More)
Phonetic dictionaries are essential components of large-vocabulary natural language speaker-independent speech recognition systems. This paper presents a rule-based technique to generate Arabic phonetic dictionaries for a large vocabulary speech recognition system. The system used classic Arabic pronunciation rules, common pronunciation rules of Modern(More)
Isolation of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) from bacterial cell matter is a critical step in order to achieve a profitable production of the polymer. Therefore, an extraction method must lead to a high recovery of a pure product at low costs. This study presents a simplified method for large scale poly(3-hydroxybutyrate), poly(3HB), extraction using sodium(More)
This paper describes the development of an Ara-bic broadcast news transcription system. The presented system is a speaker-independent large vocabulary natural Ara-bic speech recognition system, and it is intended to be a test bed for further research into the open ended problem of achieving natural language man-machine conversation. The system addresses a(More)
This paper reports the results of the first phase of a research work for building a high performance, speaker-independent natural Arabic speech recognition system. This work aims at developing an Arabic broadcast news transcription system and a base system for further research. Several concurrent recent advances in Arabic language processing were crucial(More)
Speaker verification is concerned with verifying the speakerpsilas claimed identity. This paper reports on recent experiments we carried out for speaker verification using a Saudi accented Arabic telephone speech database with 1033 speakers. Gaussian Mixture Model was employed in these experiments. In speaker verification, users might produce two or more(More)