Mansour A Ballal

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The Oxylog, a portable device for measuring oxygen consumption, was evaluated under standard, laboratory conditions and with exercising human subjects. The difference in oxygen partial pressure between room air and a series of test gases measured by the Oxylog showed good agreement with results obtained using a paramagnetic analyser and stable values were(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the relationship between overweight and obesity and physical activity in Saudi children born and permanently domiciled at high and low altitudes in Southwestern Saudi Arabia. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study of 145 healthy Saudi children aged 10-15 years who were born and lived permanently at high altitude (3000-3100 m) and(More)
Both obesity and type II diabetes mellitus are associated with insulin resistance and abnormal metabolic reactions. This study was conducted to evaluate resting metabolic rate in obese diabetic patients and to assess its relation to glycaemic control. This is a case control study conducted in Gabir AbuEliz centre in Khartoum, Sudan. A random sample of 40(More)
The mechanisms controlling the sphincter of Oddi (SO) have received considerable attention over the past two decades. Progress towards their elucidation has been slow, perhaps because of the sphincter's relative inaccessibility and the different responses of the human "resistor" as compared to the "pumper" observed in several animal models. The list of(More)
An assessment of energy expenditure has been made in 50 male textile workers and 30 male office cleaners. There was a statistically significant difference (P less than 0.001) in energy expenditure between textile workers and office cleaners amounting to 12 to 16%. While 33.3% of the textile group complained of chest disorders, none of the cleaners had such(More)
Counting the number of heart beats and footsteps during successive minute periods permits assessment of the physical condition of a subject undertaking planned exercise. We describe the design, and assess the use, of a small, 4 channel, solid state recorder for storing these physiological signals and the rapid retrieval of this data using a portable(More)
The results of a mixed cross-sectional and longitudinal anthropometric survey of Sudanese children up to the age of sixteen years are reported. Weight velocity, height velocity, mid arm circumference velocity, and mid arm muscle circumference velocity, and the age at which 50% of females have reached menarche have been calculated. Growth velocities are(More)