Mansooreh Ahmadian

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Although human tumor-derived cell lines play an important role in the investigation of cancer biology and genetics, there is no comprehensive study comparing tumor cell line properties with those of the individual tumors from which they were derived. We compared the properties of a series of 18 human breast cancer cell lines that were cultured for a median(More)
The FHIT gene, which spans the FRA3B fragile site at chromosome 3p14.2, is a candidate tumor suppressor gene in breast and other cancers. We investigated FHIT and FRA3B for loss of heterozygosity (LOH); homozygous deletions; abnormal transcripts; and acquired/germ-line point mutations in breast cancer cell lines (n = 32), breast epithelial and stromal cell(More)
The budding yeast cell cycle is regulated by a complex chemical reaction network. Several deterministic models have been proposed to model this control mechanism. However, experimental data exhibit considerable variability from cell to cell during cell growth and division. It is also observed that certain mutant cells are more vulnerable to noise than wild(More)
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