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—Many indoor localization techniques that rely on RF signals from wireless Access Points have been proposed in the last decade. In recent years, research on crowdsourced (also known as " Organic ") Wi-Fi fingerprint positioning systems has been attracting much attention. This participatory approach introduces new challenges that no previously proposed(More)
This paper presents the characterization of the microbial community responsible for the in-situ bioremediation of hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH). Microbial community structure and function was analyzed using 16S rRNA amplicon and shotgun metagenomic sequencing methods for three sets of soil samples. The three samples were collected from a HCH-dumpsite (450 mg(More)
BACKGROUND Streptococcus is an economically important genus as a number of species belonging to this genus are human and animal pathogens. The genus has been divided into different groups based on 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity. The variability observed among the members of these groups is low and it is difficult to distinguish them. The present study(More)
Introduction: 16S rRNA sequencing of novel isolates is one of the preliminary steps in characterization of bacteria, especially when the isolates are of medical relevance. The genus Campylobacter belongs to Class ε-proteobacteria under the Phylum Proteobacteria. It represents economically important species which are gastrointestinal pathogens in humans and(More)
Helicobacter is an economically important genus within the phylum Proteobacteria and include many species which cause many diseases in humans. With the conventional methods, it is difficult to identify them easily due to the high genetic similarity among its species. In the present study, 361 16S rRNA (rrs) gene sequences belonging to 45 species of genus(More)
OBJECTIVE Feeling stigmatized or having comorbid depression in a PWE may significantly influence epilepsy care and treatment. An important contributory factor to this can be the expressed emotions (EEs) from family, friends, or society. The present study aimed at understanding the influence of EEs, as exhibited by close relatives, on the perception of(More)
The Yamuna is the source of key water supply in the national capital region of India. Due to its immense importance, the pollution of Yamuna has become an imperative issue of study. Various initiatives have been taken by the Indian Government to decontaminate this river, but so far no possible outcome has been obtained. Therefore bioremediation may seem to(More)
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