Mansel V Griffiths

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This paper describes research on measurement of tactile sense using a flexible digit appropriate to endoscopy and minimal access surgery. It is envisaged that the sensing method will facilitate the navigation of flexible invasive devices, such as endoscopes, and also aid diagnosis using tactile perception as well as visual observation. The proposed(More)
Cricothyroid muscle paralysis is often missed as the symptoms are not dramatic and the laryngeal observations, on conventional indirect mirror examination, are inconclusive. The anatomy and physiology of the superior laryngeal nerve (SLN) and cricothyroid muscle are described. Three case reports are presented to illustrate our diagnostic techniques.(More)
Percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy (PDT) is not a new technique. However, it was not until Ciaglia introduced a simple technique using a needle, catheter, and guidewire that it became a possible alternative to open surgical tracheotomy. PDT is not performed blindly but with the assistance of fiberoptic endoscopy. However, even with fiberoptic endoscopic(More)
In this paper a robotic micro-drilling technique for surgery is described. The device has been deployed in cochleostomy, a precise micro-surgical procedure where the critical stage of controlling penetration of the outer bone tissue of the cochlea is achieved without penetration of the endosteal membrane at the medial surface. The significance of the work(More)
OBJECTIVE To produce an autonomous drilling robot capable of performing a bony cochleostomy whilst minimising the damage to the underlying cochlear endosteum. DESIGN In this laboratory based study, a robotic drill was designed to measure the changes in force and torque experienced by the tool point during the drilling process. This information is used to(More)
Tracheostomy remains the primary method of treatment of acute airway obstruction due to malignant invasion and compression of the trachea. However, the development of tracheal stents has provided an alternative effective treatment modality. This case report and literature review highlights the benefits of intra-luminal stenting, including resolution of(More)
Aspiration into the lower respiratory tract can be detrimental to life. Ten patients, suffering from neurological dysphagia with aspiration, were studied. Neurological disorders can cause inadequate glottic closure resulting in aspiration. It has not been well recognized however, that even patients who have full glottic closure are still capable of(More)
Displaced fractured noses are usually manipulated under general anesthetic. The appearances of fractured noses were assessed and the airways measured by rhinomanometry before and after nasal manipulation in 29 patients. Seventeen received a local anaesthetic (LA) and 12 a general anaesthetic (GA) for the manipulation. Patients were generally pleased with(More)
This prospective study examined the influence of aspirating middle ear effusions, immediately prior to ventilation tube insertion, upon the subsequent development of otorrhoea and tympanosclerosis. 50 children were studied and aspiration of effusions did not influence the incidence of purulent otorrhoea or ventilation tube obstruction within 1 month of(More)