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Secure group communication has become an important issue in many applications. Both intra-group and inter-group multicast traffic must be protected by shared secret keys. In order to communicate securely in the same group and among different groups, we employed a polynomial P to achieve efficient intra-group key refreshment and generated a polynomial H(x)(More)
Many Web sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter allow their users to upload files. However when a Web site's Content-Sniffing algorithm differs from a browser's Content-Sniffing algorithm, an attacker can often mount a Content-Sniffing XSS attack on the visitor. That is, by carefully embedding HTML code containing malicious script into a non-HTML file(More)
All-to-all broadcast scheduling problems are considered in WDM optical passive star networks where k wavelengths are available in the network. It is assumed that each node has exactly one tunable transmitter and one xed tuned receiver. All transmitters can tune to k di erent wavelengths, and have the same tuning delay to tune from one wavelength to another.(More)
Digital forensic examiners often need to identify the type of a file or file fragment based on the content of the file. Content-based file type identification schemes typically use a byte frequency distribution with statistical machine learning to classify file types. Most algorithms analyze the entire file content to obtain the byte frequency distribution,(More)
Since the first computer virus has been found, scanning detection has been used as a primarily method in virus detection systems. As computer viruses and worms become more complex and sophisticated, the scanning detection method is no longer able to detect various forms of viruses and worms effectively. Many anti-virus researchers proposed various detection(More)
Types of files (text, executables, Jpeg images, etc.) can be identified through file extension, magic number, or other header information in the file. However, they are easy to be tampered or corrupted so cannot be trusted as secure ways to identify file types.In the presence of adversaries, analyzing the file content may be a more reliable way to identify(More)