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Although stress is frequently claimed to impede foreign language (FL) reading comprehension , it is usually not explained how. We investigated the effects of stress, This study contains some information that has been presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Text and Discourse (2008). who helped in discussion and data collection for the experiment.(More)
The study had 2 major purposes. First, it showed that the same task (Brown-Peterson task) can be used to test the memory abilities of both young children and adults, given an appropriate distracter task. Second, it illustrated that children can perform as accurately as adults on working memory tasks when prompted to use memory techniques such as rehearsal.(More)
In recent years, Baddeley (2010) has added a new component, the episodic buffer, to his Working Memory (WM) model. The episodic buffer binds information from long-term memory (LTM) to the central executive but has been researched very little, especially with respect to its use with a second language. In fact, Juffs and Harrington (2011) stated, " To date(More)
A survey of Raktaja Krimis of Chhindwara was made during July, 1986 to June, 1987. Tinea infections were abundant followed by Tinea cruris, Tinea pedis, Tinear capitis, Tinea barbae, and Tinea unguinum. Tinea infections were common among the youth between 21 - 30 years. The percentage wise tinea infections were as follows : Trichophyton rubrum (64.5%), T.(More)
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