Manping Wu

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Sphingomyelin synthase 1 (SMS1) and SMS2 are two isoforms of SMS, the last enzyme for sphingomyelin (SM) biosynthesis. To evaluate the role of SMS in vivo in terms of plasma lipoprotein metabolism, we generated recombinant adenovirus vectors containing human SMS1 cDNA (AdV-SMS1), SMS2 cDNA (AdV-SMS2), or the reporter LacZ cDNA (AdV-LacZ) as a control. On(More)
Studies have shown that plasma high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels are negatively correlated with the development of atherosclerosis, whereas epidemiological studies have also shown that plasma sphingomyelin level is an independent risk factor for atherosclerosis. To evaluate the relationship between cellular sphingomyelin level and cholesterol(More)
Sphingomyelin synthase 2 (SMS2) contributes to de novo sphingomyelin (SM) biosynthesis. Its activity is related to SM levels in the plasma and the cell membrane. In this study, we investigated the possibility of a direct relationship between SMS and atherosclerosis. The Adenovirus containing SMS2 gene was given into 10-week ApoE KO C57BL/6J mice by femoral(More)
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