Manouchehr Tabatabaei

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The development of e-learning courseware tools such as WebCT and Blackboard, have allowed faculty of all disciplines the opportunity to move their course curriculum to the Internet. Prior to these tools, faculty could use the Web for teaching, but had to have a certain level of HTML and web programming skills to do so. Information Systems faculty and those(More)
Project Management finds its origins back as far as the building of the Egyptian Pyramids and the Great Wall of China. Many disciplines including construction, engineering, and operations management have found the use of Project Management as an integral part to their success. This same importance is resonating throughout the Information Technology (IT)(More)
In addition to in-class delivery of project management courses, many institutions have already started or are beginning to plan the delivery of these courses online. The challenge of offering a course online, especially courses with a heavy emphasis on student interaction and team projects, is well documented in the literature. Therefore, we propose a(More)
Project management (PM) is increasingly important in both corporate and academic venues. Its importance has been recognized for several decades, but has recently received more attention because effective project managers are in high demand and short supply. University computing and engineering programs are being pressured by employers to better prepare(More)
Project Management (PM) is an important component of baccalaureate programs in both Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT). Many institutions offer a PM course in the curriculum, which students typically take in their last semester. However, other courses in IS and IT are often taught with a heavy emphasis on individual and group projects,(More)
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