Manouchehr Namiranian

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Hyrcania is a productive region near the southern coast of Caspian Sea. Her forests are mostly uneven-aged beach-dominated hardwood mixtures. There is increasing willingness to treat these forests without clear-felling, following the ideas of continuous cover management. However, lack of growth and yield models have delayed this endeavor, and no(More)
We examined the local community incentive programs to improve traditional forest management in three forested villages in Baneh city, Kurdistan province in the northern Zagros forests of western Iran. Zagros forests cover 6.07 million ha and support rich plant and animal diversity. Changes in local community social and economic systems and the inefficiency(More)
Since Lidar technology provides the most direct measurements of 3D of phenomena, it plays a critical role in a variety of applications. Forest canopy height as a main factor in forest biomass estimation is costly and time consuming to be measured on the ground. This study aims to estimate Lorey's height " H lorey " using GLAS data based on regression(More)
  • M Rajab Pourrahmati, N Baghdadi, A Asghar Darvishsefat, M Namiranian, V Gond, J S Bailly +6 others
  • 2015
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