Manos Kalaitzakis

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UNLABELLED Fast Fourier analysis (FFT) of heart rate may be used to characterize overall heart rate variability (HRV) as well as low (LF: 0.06-0.10 Hz) and high (HF: 0.15-0.40 Hz) frequency components, which are attributable to sympathetic and vagal influences. This study examined the reproducibility of the spectral characteristics of HRV before and during(More)
The ultimate goal of the biomedical informatics project PrognoChip is the identification of classification and prognosis molecular markers for breast cancer. This requires not only an understanding of the genetic basis of the disease, based on the patient’s tumor gene expression profiles but also the correlation of this data with knowledge normally(More)
Detecting proteins in human blood holds the promise of a revolution in cancer diagnosis. Also, the ability to perform laboratory operations on small scales using miniaturized (lab-on-a-chip) devices has many benefits. Designing and fabricating such systems is extremely challenging, but physicists and engineers are beginning to construct such highly(More)
INTRODUCTION Transtelephonic electrocardiographic transmission is a diagnostic technique which has been systematically applied in recent years, mainly for the detection of arrhythmias or pacemaker malfunction. The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of this method in the recording and transmission of ST segment and T wave changes. METHOD A(More)
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