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We examined atomic force microscopy (AFM) and lateral force microscopy (LFM) images of human, avian, reptilian, amphibian, and piscine erythrocytes to determine whether the general pattern of erythrocyte membrane architecture has been largely conserved in the course of phylogenetic evolution or relatively minor modifications have taken place. The general(More)
The effects of dust charge variations on low-frequency wave modulations in an electronegative dusty plasma are investigated. The dynamics of the modulated wave is governed by a nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a dissipative term. The dissipation arises due to the nonsteady (nonadiabatic) dust charge variations. Theoretical and numerical investigations(More)
An analysis of the interaction between modes involving two species with different pressures in the presence of a static-neutralizing ion background is presented using a quantum hydrodynamic model. It is shown that quantum electron plasma waves can nonlinearly interact with quantum electron acoustic waves in a time scale much longer than electron plasma(More)
A dissipation mechanism for the damping of the nonlinear dust ion acoustic wave in a collisionless dusty plasma consisting of nonthermal electrons, ions, and variable charge dust grains has been investigated. It is shown that the collisionless damping due to dust charge fluctuation causes the nonlinear dust ion acoustic wave propagation to be described by(More)
A number of potentially active hexahydropyrimidine derivatives of pharmaceutical interest have been synthesized. Various diSchiff's bases prepared by reacting different aromatic aldehydes with 1,3-diaminopropane were suitably reduced to give their tetrahydro derivatives which were then condensed with appropriate aldehydes to give a series of hitherto(More)
We present an approach for the realization of extreme off-Hugoniot states of matter in laser-driven shock experiments. The method is based on the application of impedance-mismatch effect in sandwich targets. In order to verify this model we have realized numerical simulations using the two-dimensional hydrocode multi in three-layer targets(More)
The motion of unstable fluid interface due to Richtmyer Meshkov (RM) instability incorporating with density variation has been studied in a spherical target using Lagrangian formulation. During the compression in Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) process, the density of deuterium tritium (DT) fuel increases 1000 times greater than the density of gaseous DT(More)
Runmoni Gogoi*, Rajkumar Roychoudhury & Manoranjan Khan Department of Instrumentation Science & Centre for Plasma Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032, India Present address: Assam down town University, Panikhaiti, Guwahati 781 026, Assam, India Physics and Applied Mathematical University, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata 700 108, India(More)
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