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Introduction leading to concern about the quality and shelf life of meat and meat products. The antioxidants play a major The concept of functional foods was first come in role in checking the oxidation of fat as well reducing practice in 1980s in Japan for the foods comprising the harmful free radicals just protecting the cells from certain constituents(More)
Somatic mutations in spliceosome genes are detectable in ∼50% of patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS). We hypothesize that cells harbouring spliceosome gene mutations have increased sensitivity to pharmacological perturbation of the spliceosome. We focus on mutant U2AF1 and utilize sudemycin compounds that modulate pre-mRNA splicing. We find that(More)
In this paper, we establish some inequalities involving k-Ricci curvature , k-scalar curvature, the screen scalar curvature on a screen homothetic light-like hypersurface of a Lorentzian manifold. We compute Chen-Ricci inequality and Chen inequality on a screen homothetic lightlike hypersurface of a Lorentzian manifold. We give an optimal inequality(More)
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