Manon Parisien

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Following the program I'm Taking Charge of My Arthritis!, study participants reported fewer functional limitations, less helplessness, and better coping effectiveness than did controls. This study examined the maintenance of these effects and the role of social reinforcement in maintaining benefits eight months post-intervention. The study collected(More)
OBJECTIVES We investigated the effectiveness of a group-based exercise intervention to improve balancing ability among older adults delivered in natural settings by staff in local community organizations. METHODS The main component of the intervention consisted of biweekly group-based exercise sessions conducted over 12 weeks by a professional, coupled(More)
Several studies have demonstrated the efficacy of falls-prevention programs designed for community-dwelling seniors using randomized designs. However, little is known about the feasibility of implementing these programs under natural conditions and about the success of these programs when delivered under such conditions. The objectives of this paper are to(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the validity, reliability, and item hierarchy of a modified version of the Activities-specific Balance Confidence (ABC) scale using an item-response theory framework and integrating modifications aimed at increasing user-friendliness and promoting better congruence of the scale with public health falls prevention strategies. DESIGN(More)
Cognitive aging is a heterogeneous reality among the senior population. Studies have recently identified certain factors that may contribute to maintaining the cognitive health of seniors. To date, these research studies have primarily focused on individual determinants, namely: health conditions and lifestyle habits. A review of the literature was(More)
BIOGRAPHY: Dr. David S. Goldbloom was born in Montreal and raised in Quebec and Nova Scotia. He completed an honours degree, majoring in Government, at Harvard University and then attended the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar where he obtained an M.A. in Physiological Sciences. He trained in medicine and psychiatry at McGill University and is a(More)
BACKGROUND Memory strategies help seniors remember information that is essential for the performance of their daily activities and contribute to their independence in the context of declining memory skills. This study aimed to analyze the categories, the diversity, and relevance of memory strategies known by seniors, and to identify individual(More)
PURPOSE To develop a French Canadian version of the Falls Behavioral (FaB) Scale and examine its psychometric properties. METHODS The FaB was adapted in French Canadian (FaB-FC) and validated according to standard guidelines for cross-cultural adaptation of questionnaires. The internal consistency and construct validity of the FaB-FC were studied among 64(More)
Borderline patients, because of their symptomatology are frequent users of health care services (mental and physical). A recent review of the literature shows that the authors of this article favor a treatment within the community that should be eclectic, on a long-term basis and with varied intensity. The hospital is part of the therapeutic tools available(More)
The notion of "mediation" has profoundly transformed clinical approaches aiming at a change either in knowledge, in the way of being or of behaving. The way to treat narcissistic-borderline adolescents in the long-term in a secure hospital does not escape this notion. Until now, the psychodynamic-analytical approach has been the only one presenting(More)