Manon Lauderdale

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In this study of 246 Texas counties, the varying ability of certain community characteristics to predict rates of maltreatment was examined for different ethnic groups. The use of rates based on Central Registry data is based on the assumption that officially registered reports of abuse and neglect are a reasonably valid index of actual child maltreatment.(More)
OBJECTIVE Best practice is a practice that, on rigorous evaluation, demonstrates success, has had an impact, and can be replicated. It is differentiated from its constituent parts, evidence-based practice and knowledge translation, by its general meaning and global purview. The purpose of this clinical review is to provide transparency to the concept and(More)
Simulation- and video game-based role-playing techniques have been proven effective in changing behavior and enhancing positive decision making in a variety of professional settings, including education, the military, and health care. Although the need for developing assessment frameworks for learning outcomes has been clearly defined, there is a(More)
Low self-esteem has often been cited in the child abuse literature as a characteristic of abusive parents. However, most of these references have been based on individual case studies and practitioner reports rather than explicitly designed inquiries that attempt to control bias associated with clinical observations. Data for this study were derived from a(More)
Achieving successful community change is a complex and daunting task. Indeed there is substantial concern today that American communities may be less capable in dealing with challenges than in many times during the past. The article reviews the community from a systems perspective and identifies the major properties that must be identified before any(More)
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