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The chemical composition and metabolism of lipoproteins in a population of Benedictine nuns were studied after 5-month periods during which the predominant dietary fats were sunflower oil, peanut oil, palm oil, or milk fats (butter and cream). The population was divided into three groups. The control group (C) included twelve subjects selected at random by(More)
The clinical and laboratory features of 47 cases of macrophage activation syndrome (MAS) were reviewed in a workshop within the Groupe Français d'Hématologie cellulaire. There was no predilection for a particular age group, while common symptoms at presentation included fever, hepatic and splenic enlargement and profound depression of blood count.(More)
BACKGROUND A consecutive series of 50 patients who submitted to 53 hepatic resections with use of continuous normothermic liver ischemia is reported. METHODS Portal triad clamping has been used in 28 cases, with associated inferior vena caval clamping above and below the liver (hepatic vascular exclusion) in 25 patients. The size of the tumor required(More)
Four diets which differed in fatty acid composition were provided for five months each to a group of 24 healthy nun volunteers. The diets contained 54% carbohydrates, 16% proteins and 30% lipids. One-third of the lipid part remained unchanged during the whole study, and two-thirds were modified during each period. For this latter portion, one of the(More)