Manomi A Tennakoon

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A series of arylglycine-based analogs was synthesized and tested for TRPM8 antagonism in a cell-based functional assay. Following structure-activity relationship studies in vitro, a number of compounds were identified as potent TRPM8 antagonists and were subsequently evaluated in an in vivo pharmacodynamic assay of icilin-induced 'wet-dog' shaking in which(More)
[reaction--see text] Each of four diastereomers of structure 2, corresponding to the lipophilic side chain of scyphostatin (1), were prepared. Careful analysis of their NMR spectral data and comparison with those of the natural product corroborates the recently reported (Org. Lett. 2000, 2, 505) stereochemical assignment. A strategy for the stereoselective(More)
A novel series of ketolides containing heteroaryl groups that are linked to the erythronolide ring via a C6-carbazate functionality has been successfully synthesized. Careful modulation of the heteroaryl groups, the length and degree of saturation of the C6-carbazate linker, and the substituents present on each of the carbazate nitrogens led to compounds(More)
The title concept involves the use of structurally modified RCM substrates that contain extender arms, terminating in a remote reactive alkene. Initiation of an RCM sequence at that reactive alkene is followed by rapid intramolecular relay of the metal center to an initially less reactive alkene in the parent substrate. This permits one to control the(More)
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