Manolis Stratakis

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Recent emergency situations such as large fires (in cities, forests), flooding, terrorist attacks, roadside emergency, etc, have shown the indispensable need of a geo-information in reliable systems to help rescue operations. Specialised systems are necessary not only for rescue teams but also for ordinary people in/around the area with emergency(More)
The Mobile Technologies For Ad-hoc Learning (MoTFAL) project is a joint initiative of pedagogical, cognitive science and technological experts, educators, and psychologists to research the possibilities of using mobile platforms – mobile phones and PDA devices-with Internet access for educational purposes at school level. The project designs, develops,(More)
This paper describes work in progress developing a context-aware meeting alert. This application integrates semantic web technology in RDF (for representing calendars), semantic web rules (for making a context-dependent decision about the precise timing of the alert), and mobile technology for location sensing and message delivery. The outlined work is an(More)
Changes in heart rate (HR) and respiratory rate (RespR) may be used as markers of early decompensation in chronic heart failure (CHF) patients monitored at home. Aiming at improving quality of care and at reducing hospitalization rate and health care costs in CHF, progress in technology has led to the development of small portable and even wearable devices(More)
Gold nanoparticles supported on TiO(2) (~1%) catalyse in high yields the selective cycloisomerisation of aryl propargyl ethers into the corresponding 2H-chromenes, under heterogeneous conditions. 2H,2'H-3,3'-Bichromenes resulting from a catalytic oxidative dimerization pathway are also formed as by-products.
abstRact This chapter presents the COLLAGE (collaborative learning platform using game-like enhancements) project as a good practice example of mobile and game-based learning that aims to integrate formal and informal learning settings through an innovative pedagogical approach. In this learning environment , students learn in context while participating in(More)
The regioselectivity for the intrazeolite photooxygenation of several trisubstituted alkenes with geminal dimethyl groups was examined. The length of the alkyl chain at the lone position was varied, and as end groups, the phenyl or the cyclohexyl functionalities were chosen. The general trend for all alkenes is a significant increase of the reactivity at(More)
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