Manolis Stratakis

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HEARTFAID is a research and development project aimed at devising, developing and validating an innovative knowledge based platform of services, able to improve early diagnosis and to make more effective the medical-clinical management of heart diseases within elderly population. Chronic Heart Failure is one of the most remarkable health problems for(More)
The Mobile Technologies For Ad-hoc Learning (MoTFAL) project is a joint initiative of pedagogical, cognitive science and technological experts, educators, and psychologists to research the possibilities of using mobile platforms – mobile phones and PDA deviceswith Internet access for educational purposes at school level. The project designs, develops, tests(More)
Epoxy terpenes cyclize readily, by confinement within zeolite NaY, to form exomethylenic cyclohexanols as the major products. The selective monocyclization of 10,11-epoxyfarnesyl acetate within NaY provides a short and efficient biomimetic route to (+/-)-elengasidiol and (+/-)-farnesiferols B-D. [reaction: see text].
This paper describes work in progress developing a context-aware meeting alert. This application integrates semantic web technology in RDF (for representing calendars), semantic web rules (for making a context-dependent decision about the precise timing of the alert), and mobile technology for location sensing and message delivery. The outlined work is an(More)
Biomimetic syntheses of the litseaverticillols A-G, I and J are reported herein. The syntheses rely heavily on the application of two different modes of reaction for photochemically generated singlet oxygen, namely, the [4+2] cycloaddition of singlet oxygen (1O2) with furans and the ene reaction of 1O2 with double bonds. The highlight of these syntheses is(More)
[reaction: see text] A highly efficient and rapid four-step synthesis of the bis-spiroketal core of the prunolide natural products, starting from furan itself, is described. The key step and culmination of the synthesis, responsible for zipping up the spirocyclic core, is a singlet oxygen-orchestrated cascade sequence in which a double photooxygenation of a(More)