Manolis Sardis

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In this paper, we propose a self configurable cognitive architecture for supervising video data in manufacturing environments. The architecture supports weakly supervised learning algorithms and self-adaptation strategies for analysis of visually observable procedures. The research proposed directly affects ease of deployment and minimises effort of(More)
Workflow management systems exactly enact business procedures and processes described in a process description language. This strict adherence to the prescribed workflow makes it impossible for the system to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Surveillance systems have unpredicted information especially in difficult environments like the industrial ones. In(More)
The biometric identification of individuals has many safety and security applications in several fields of major interest. This can range from healthcare to commerce and from defense to banking systems. Current biometric technologies are hardly suitable for remote online massive use. This paper presents an innovative approach to design advanced biometric(More)
This paper describes a tool chain for monitoring complex workflows. Statistics obtained from automatic workflow monitoring in a car assembly environment assist in improving industrial safety and process quality. To this end, we propose automatic detection and tracking of humans and their activity in multiple networked cameras. The described tools offer(More)