Manoli García de la Hera

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OBJECTIVE Despite the alarming increase in the prevalence of obesity, epidemiologic studies that prospectively examine the fruit and vegetable consumption and other lifestyle factors in relation to weight gain (WG) are still insufficient. We explored the associations between fruit and vegetable intake and WG over a 10-year period in an adult Mediterranean(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined the use of low (<400 μg/day, including no use) and high folic acid supplement (FAS) dosages (≥1000 μg/day) among pregnant women in Spain, and explored factors associated with the use of these non-recommended dosages. DESIGN Population-based cohort study. SETTING Spain. PARTICIPANTS We analysed data from 2332 pregnant women of(More)
Inorganic arsenic (i-As) has been related to wide-ranging health effects in children, leading to lifelong concerns. Proportionally, dietary i-As exposure dominates in regions with low arsenic drinking water. This study aims to investigate the relation between rice and seafood consumption and urinary arsenic species during childhood and to assess the(More)
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