Manojkumar Parameswaran

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The cardiogenic potency of cells in the epiblast of the early primitive-streak stage (early PS) embryo was tested by heterotopic transplantation. The results of this study show that cells in the anterior and posterior epiblast of the early PS-stage embryos have similar cardiogenic potency, and that they differentiated to heart cells after they were(More)
The developmental fate of cells in the epiblast of early-primitive-streak-stage mouse embryos was assessed by studying the pattern of tissue colonisation displayed by lac Z-expressing cells grafted orthotopically to nontransgenic embryos. Results of these fate-mapping experiments revealed that the lateral and posterior epiblast contain cells that will give(More)
Rho Kinases regulate a wide range of biological processes, including reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton, transcriptional regulation, vesicle trafficking, morphogenesis, neutrophil activation, phagocytosis and activation of the NADPH oxidase, mitogenesis, apoptosis and tumorigenesis. Rho associated coiled coil kinase-II (ROCK-II) is one of the isoform(More)
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