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Web server logs stores click stream data which can be useful for mining purposes. The data is stored as a result of user's access to a website. Web usage mining an application of data mining can be used to discover user access patterns from weblog data. The obtained results are used in different applications like, site modifications, business intelligence,(More)
Outlier detection is concerned with finding exceptional behaviours of objects in the datasets. We propose a novel approach for finding outliers using outlierness score - average of mutual nearness based ranks of each object that emphasize on crucial issue whether an object is significant for its nearest neighbors or not. A centrally located object in the(More)
Software Quality is key element in the Software Engineering. Software Quality is increasingly important in today's market. An organization's focus on the strategic importance of software quality depends on whether they are producers or users of software. Software users see software as a tool to be used to support them in the way they do business in their(More)
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