Manoj Tripathy

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In 1990s, after deregulation of Australian electricity market, electricity became a commodity that can be bought and sold. This led power industry to change their planning strategies. In this planning Short Term Load Forecasting (STLF) plays a vital role to provide unit commitment, economic generation scheduling etc. In this paper, RBF neural network(More)
In the power transmission system FACT controller is incorporated in the transmission line in order to increase power transfer capability as well as reactive power control. The FACT devices which combine the feature of shunt fact devices and series fact devices are considered i.e. UPFC (Unified power flow controller) which address the issue of adaptive(More)
This paper presents a comparative analysis for enhancement of noisy single channel Hindi speech patterns', using a binary mask threshold function in mother wavelet transforms. In this wavelet transform a three level of wavelet decomposition is used and all three levels are given individually to binary mask threshold for removing noise and enhancing the(More)
In this letter, a novel fuzzy mask based on wavelet is introduced for improving speech quality and intelligibility. The proposed fuzzy mask is based on wavelet's soft and hard threshold limits to retain the time frequency (T-F) units of the enhanced spectrum. In contrast to prior methods, the proposed fuzzy mask approach eliminates the need of true speech(More)
In this paper, a new method, directional line edge binary pattern (DLEBP) is proposed for image indexing and retrieval. This method is the extension of line edge binary pattern (LEBP). The directional line edges of neighbours for a particular center pixel are determined by eight directional windows. The 3x3 directional window is considered for this purpose.(More)
This paper presents a comparative evaluation of various mother wavelets for reduction of mixed highly non-stationary noises to increase the quality and intelligibility in single channel speech. A binary mask function is used for thresholding in noisy wavelet packet coefficients. For speech signal decomposition, various mother wavelets (such as Daubechiesl3(More)