Manoj Syamala

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The Database Tuning Advisor (DTA) that is part of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is an automated physical database design tool that significantly advances the state-of-the-art in several ways. First, DTA is capable to providing an integrated physical design recommendation for horizontal partitioning, indexes, and materialized views. Second, unlike today’s(More)
Sharing resources of a single database server among multiple tenants is common in multi-tenant Database-as-a-Service providers, such as Microsoft SQL Azure. Multi-tenancy enables cost reduction for the cloud service provider which it can pass on as savings to the tenants. However, resource sharing can adversely affect a tenant's performance due to other(More)
Database developers today use data access APIs such as ADO.NET to execute SQL queries from their application. These applications often have security problems such as SQL injection vulnerabilities and performance problems such as poorly written SQL queries. However today's compilers have little or no understanding of data access APIs or DBMS, and hence the(More)
Multi-tenancy and resource sharing are essential to make a Databaseas-a-Service (DaaS) cost-effective. However, one major consequence of resource sharing is that the performance of one tenant’s workload can be significantly affected by the resource demands of co-located tenants. The lack of performance isolation in a shared environment can make DaaS less(More)
Relational database-as-a-service (DaaS) providers need to rely on multi-tenancy and resource sharing among tenants, since statically reserving resources for a tenant is not cost effective. A major consequence of resource sharing is that the performance of one tenant can be adversely affected by resource demands of other co-located tenants. One such resource(More)
Memory is a crucial resource in relational databases (RDBMSs). When there is insufficient memory, RDBMSs are forced to use slower media such as SSDs or HDDs, which can significantly degrade workload performance. Cloud database services are deployed in data centers where network adapters supporting remote direct memory access (RDMA) at low latency and high(More)
A 3He NMR resonance of C606- containing He is assigned to He2@C606-, thus showing that C60 can also accommodate two helium atoms. The ratio of the di-helium compound relative to the mono- is 1:200, 10 times lower than the equivalent counterpart of C70. The 3He NMR chemical shift of He2@C606- is 0.093 ppm downfield from the already known resonance of(More)
Information and communication technologies are effectively used in educational administration and teaching-learning process. There is a need to utilize them for educational evaluation. Subjective evaluation and assessment are essential part of education system. For evaluation of subjective examinations, several statistical and mathematical techniques such(More)
Database Tuning Advisor (DTA) is a physical database design tool that is part of Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 relational database management system. Previously known as "Index Tuning Wizard" in SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000, DTA adds new functionality that is not available in other contemporary physical design tuning tools. Novel aspects of DTA that(More)