Manoj Singh Bisht

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Brainstem auditory evoked responses were recorded in 22 diabetic patients with a variable duration of illness (mean 5.8 years) and 14 normal healthy controls of comparable age. The initial 10 millisecond components, found to be most consistent and reproducible, were analysed. Variations in the form of individual wave latency, interpeak latencies and V wave(More)
The 2C and 4C nuclear DNA amounts were estimated in eight diploid species, belonging to three diverse genera (Vicia, Tephrosia, and Phlox) and their corresponding colchitetraploids. In P. drummondii, T. purpurea, and T. oxygona tetraploids the deviation from the expectation was highly significant. The DNA in P. drummondii was further discarded in subsequent(More)
Auditory brainstem evoked responses (ABER) were recorded to provide normative data regarding the latency values, brainstem conduction times in term neonates and infants up to 24 months of age. The mean latency for wave I - 1.86 +/- 0.11 m sec, wave III - 5.11 +/- 0.31 m sec, wave V - 7.10 +/- 0.30 m sec progressively decreased at birth to wave I - 1.64 +/-(More)
Brainstem auditory evoked responses (BAER) were longitudinally recorded prospectively in 18 term infants with neonatal hyperbilirubinemia (NHB) (total serum bilirubin > 15 mg/dl). Seven neonates had abnormal BAER. Wave complex IV-V was absent in eight recordings in NHB group while they were normal in the control group (p < 0.001). Prolongation of latency of(More)
Mapping of rDNA sites on the chromosomes of four diploid and two tetraploid species of Eleusine has provided valuable information on genome relationship between the species. Presence of 18S-5.8S-26S rDNA on the largest pair of the chromosomes, location of 5S rDNA at four sites on two pairs of chromosomes and presence of 18S-5.8S-26S and 5S rDNA at same(More)
Due to environmental concerns, there is lot of emphasis on the use of renewable energy sources as distribution generation sources for electric power generation. These distributed sources have resulted in the concept of AC/DC micro-grids. But the intermittent nature of these sources cause many control problems and thereby affect the quality of the power(More)
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