Manoj Ramanathan

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Detection and labelling of human body parts in videos or images can provide vital clues in analysis of human behaviour and action. Detecting body parts separately is considerably difficult due to the huge amount of intra-class variations exhibited. In most methods, researchers tend to impose some connectivity or shape constraints on the classifier output to(More)
Body part segmentation and detection in videos is a useful analysis for many computer vision tasks such as action recognition and video search. Conventional methods mainly focus on body part detection assuming upright posture of the human body. Recently, a body part detection framework was proposed to include non-upright postures. This method consists of 2(More)
For reliable human-robot interaction, the robot must know the person's action in order to plan the appropriate way to interact or assist the person. As part of the pre-processing stage of action recognition, the robot also needs to recognize the various body parts and posture of the person. But estimation of posture and body parts is challenging due to the(More)
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