Manoj R. Rege

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—The handshake gesture is an important part of the social etiquette in many cultures. It lies at the core of many human interactions, either in formal or informal settings: exchanging greetings, offering congratulations, and finalizing a deal are all activities that typically either start or finish with a handshake. The automated detection of a handshake(More)
In this paper we introduce CrowdMeter, an emulation platform for predicting performance of large-scale crowd-sensing applications. CrowdMeter architecture follows natural decomposition of the application under evaluation and provides features for emulation of mobile devices and access network links. It leverages virtualization and cloud-based(More)
Accurate performance testing of mobile apps require comprehensive simulation of real world context in a mobile emulator viz. location, sensor values, network conditions etc. Existing mobile emulators support such simulation, however they lack the capability for automated generation of realistic, correlated, and dependent context traces. As a result, the(More)
Predicting performance of crowd-sensing applications at large scale, in the pre-deployment phase, represents a significant challenge for developers. We demonstrate a solution to this problem in the form of a cloud-based emulation platform called CrowdMeter. Our platform emulates mobile devices and access network links, models human factors in crowd-sensing,(More)
—Mobile devices come embedded with various sensors of which camera is most widely used, however operated by the device owner for the individual needs. We feel that there is a potential for these camera sensors to be used in an on demand participatory fashion for a variety of community based sensing applications. In this paper, we propose forming local(More)
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