Manoj Pillai

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In this paper we present an eecient design for message passing over a reeective memory network. First, we consider the attributes of reeec-tive memory communication networks and the requirements to eeciently build message-passing functional-ity on these networks. We then introduce the Bill-Board Protocol, a lock-free protocol which provides low-latency(More)
Striped file systems such as the Parallel Virtual File System (PVFS) deliver high-bandwidth I/O to applications running on clusters. An open problem of existing striped file systems is how to provide efficient data redundancy to decrease their vulnerability to disk failures. In this paper we describe CSAR, a version of PVFS augmented with a novel redundancy(More)
Motion control usually includes the precise control of position/velocity and acceleration control while accurate acceleration control is not useful in many applications. Traditional position/velocity control is derived by feedback based, PID controllers. However the disturbance observer further increases the stability and robustness of the controller. In(More)
Clusters of workstations have emerged as a popular platform for parallel and distributed computing. Commodity high speed networks which are used to connect workstation clusters provide high bandwidth, but also have high latency. SCRAMNet is an extremely low latency replicated non-coherent shared memory network, so far used only for real-time applications.(More)
In recent years, although there are many researches on bilateral control, there is only little research on improvement of operationality. It will be so effective for operators to improve the operationality of the bilateral control system. In a bilateral control system, the law of action and reaction between master system which the operator manipulates, and(More)
Over the years, the advancements in science and technology have led to the increased complexity in computing systems. The systems are thus becoming increasingly more complex with growing number of heterogeneous software and hardware components, increasingly more difficult to monitor, manage and maintain. As a result, it is not a trivial task to provide high(More)
This paper describes the navigation of a two-wheel drive mobile robot along a predefined path under uneven road conditions where it cannot solely rely on encoders, GPS or an accelerometer individually. There are conditions when low friction or slippery ground surfaces such as sandy paths and pits cause one or both encoders to halt or rotate less as the(More)
Striping data across multiple nodes has been recognized as an effective technique for delivering high-bandwidth I/O to applications running on clusters. However the technique is vulnerable to disk failure. We present an I/O architecture for clusters called reliable array of autonomous controllers (RAAC) that builds on the technique of RAID style data(More)
Patient portal is a secure online application which allows patients to have access to their personal health information via Internet around the clock. Patients can view their recent visit information, medications, labs and exams, doctor appointments and communicate with their healthcare providers securely. There have been numerous efforts to build effective(More)