Manoj M. Dongre

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We are presenting the smart technology to improve the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) with the help of VLC. We are using LED based brake or Head Lights as transmitter and Camera as receiver. By using Raspberry Pi as a processor, this gives data to the LED. The camera on the receiver side selects a high intensity part of an image and further we are(More)
Congestion on the roads is a key problem to deal with, which wastes valuable time.. Due to high mobility rate and relative speed link failure occur very often. VANET is used to tackle the problem of congestion, and make decisions well in advance to avoid traffic congestion. In this paper we proposed a solution to detect and control the traffic congestion by(More)
Street light is a raised source of light that is commonly used along walkways and streets when the surrounding turns dark. Nowadays, most of the existing street light systems are wired which are not only difficult to construct but also has poor flexibility. To overcome this, wireless system is required. In this paper, we are using GSM technology which uses(More)
Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) are mobile wireless networks which are designed to support public safety by traffic tracking. In VANETs, vehicle mobility will cause the communication links between vehicles leads to broken. Such link failures are responsible for excessive increase in the routing overhead and degradation in network scalability. In this(More)
Cognitive Radio technology helps in designing wireless system for efficient deployment of radio spectrum with its sensing technique, self-adaptation and spectrum sharing. Spectrum sharing is an effective method of alleviating the scarcity of radio spectrum problem by allowing unlicensed users(secondary users) to coexist with licensed users (primary users)(More)
Nowadays traffic on the roads is becoming a major problem in developed cities. With the advancement in technology vehicles themselves could be used to compile and analyze traffic data and relay it to the drivers in a format that will allow them to make smart decisions to avoid congested areas, resulting in congestion control. Vehicular Ad-Hoc network(More)
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