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Abstruct-A software tool for measuring parallelism in large scientific/engineering applications is described in this paper. The proposed tool measures the total parallelism present in programs, filtering out the effects of communication/synchronization delays, finite storage, limited number of processors, the policies for management of processors and(More)
A fuzzy goal programming approach is applied in this paper for solving the vendor selection problem with multiple objectives, in which some of the parameters are fuzzy in nature. A vendor selection problem has been formulated as a fuzzy mixed integer goal programming vendor selection problem that includes three primary goals: minimizing the net cost,(More)
Rosette-forming glioneuronal tumor (RGNT) of the fourth ventricle has been recognized as a new type of glioneuronal tumor. RGNTs are typically located in the infratentorial midline with involvement of the fourth ventricle. They occasionally involve the aqueduct and/or vermis. RGNTs of unusual anatomical sites or those with unusual findings have been(More)
The protective role of exogenously supplied selenium (Se) and polyamines (PAs) such as putrescine (Put) and spermine (Spm) in detoxifying the cadmium (Cd) induced toxicity was studied in the marine red alga Gracilaria dura in laboratory conditions. The Cd exposure (0.4 mM) impede the growth of alga while triggering the reactive oxygen species (ROS viz.(More)
This study describes various biochemical processes involved in the mitigation of cadmium toxicity in green alga Ulva lactuca. The plants when exposed to 0.4 mM CdCl2 for 4 days showed twofold increase in lipoperoxides and H2O2 content that collectively decreased the growth and photosynthetic pigments by almost 30% over the control. The activities of(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess objective and subjective outcomes of retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) and extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (SWL) for the treatment of intermediate size (1-2 cm) inferior calyceal (IC) stones in a prospective randomized fashion. METHODS Between March 2011 and January 2013, 70 symptomatic adults who had isolated IC stone between(More)
An algorithm is presented to merge two subfiles of size n/2 each, stored in the left and the right halves of a linearly connected processor array, in 3n /2 route steps and log n compare-exchange steps. This algorithm is extended to merge two horizontally adjacent subfiles of size m X n/2 each, stored in an m X n mesh-connected processor array in row-major(More)