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Activities in reverse logistics activities are extensively practiced by computer hardware industries. One of the important problems faced by the top management in the computer hardware industries is the evaluation of various alternatives for end-of-life (EOL) computers. Analytic network process (ANP) based decision model presented in this paper structures(More)
In general, distributed scheduling problem focuses on simultaneously solving two issues: (i) allocation of jobs to suitable factories and (ii) determination of the corresponding production scheduling in each factory. The objective of this approach is to maximize the system efficiency by finding an optimal planning for a better collaboration among various(More)
A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is collection of intercommunicating mobile hosts forming a spontaneous network without using established network infrastructure. Unlike the cellular or infrastructure networks who have a wired backbone connecting the base-station, the MANETs have neither fixed routers nor fixed locations. Their performance largely depend upon(More)
Over the past few years the grown global competition has enforced the manufacturing industries to upgrade their old production strategies with the modern day approaches. As a result of which, recent interest has been developed towards finding an appropriate policy that could enable them to compete with others, and facilitate them to emerge as a market(More)
The advent of automated manufacturing systems and the variability in demand pattern have forced the manufacturers to increase the flexibility and efficiency of their automated systems to stay competitive in the dynamic market. Loading decisions play an important role in determining the efficiency of manufacturing systems. Machine loading problems in(More)