Manoj Kumar Sharma

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Noise is everywhere and can be serious problem in industry. It has been observed that noisy working atmosphere inhibits the effective work. Besides resulting in loss of concentration and low work output, noise at workplace also results in serious health problems. In IT industry, which is generally considered to be a white collared workplace, some workers(More)
BACKGROUND Social networking is seen as a way to enhance social support and feeling of well-being. The present work explores the potentials of social networking sites as an adjunctive treatment modality for initiating treatment contact as well as for managing psychological problems. MATERIALS AND METHODS Interview schedule, Facebook intensity(More)
BACKGROUND Youth indulgence themselves in various aggressive behaviors leading to significant psychosocial dysfunctions. The present study assesses the prevalence of aggression among youth and to assess the risk factors of aggression among youth. MATERIALS AND METHODS Anger Data sheet, Resilience Scale and Buss-Perry Aggression Scale, were administered on(More)
Channel state information derived from channel estimation is important for receivers to accurately recover the transmitted data. In this paper Channel estimation in OFDM in frequency domain for slow fading channel is considered. The new channel covariance matrix is defined & computational complexity is shown to be reduced. The results of the research(More)
A different and efficient method of image hiding is proposed here. It is based on unitary similarity transformation, involving calculation of eigen values and eigen vectors of a matrix and then transforming it into a diagonal matrix. Only secret image needs to be transformed and is then embedded to the cover image. Inverse transformation can be used to(More)
Positive association has been seen between stress and smoking behavior. This relationship has not been explored in relation to one's coping behavior and desire to quit smoking. The present study examined stress, coping and readiness to change among smokers. 50 smokers were selected using a cross sectional design. Assessment Proforma, Fagerstrom test for(More)
BACKGROUND Aggression in romantic relationships is a continuing factor for breakups, physical assault, kidnapping, rape and even murder. It is also associated with adjustment difficulties including peer rejection, depression and maladaptive personality features. The present study aims to explore the personality correlates of aggression in romantic(More)
BACKGROUND Technology usage has seen an increase among users. The usage varies from social, personal, and psychological reasons. Users are frequently using to overcome mood states as well as to manage the other psychological states. This work is going to explore the information technology use among subjects with a psychiatric disorder. MATERIALS AND(More)
Wind energy is one of the promising and fast growing green energy resources. It helps in mitigating the global environmental issues. With the increasing share of wind energy it is also important to improve the performance of the wind generators at variable wind speed and load changes. The present paper analyzes the effect of pitch control on the torque,(More)
Active noise control accuracy depends on how much destructive interference exists between the primary noise and the noise (anti noise) generated by secondary source. In this paper firstly multilayer perceptron (MLP) neural network is designed and trained with extracted features of noise signals for classification and then Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD)(More)