Manoj Kumar Sharma

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—In this work, we propose using camera arrays coupled with coherent illumination as an effective method of improving spatial resolution in long distance images by a factor of ten and beyond. Recent advances in ptychography have demonstrated that one can image beyond the diffraction limit of the objective lens in a microscope. We demonstrate a similar(More)
BACKGROUND Youth indulgence themselves in various aggressive behaviors leading to significant psychosocial dysfunctions. The present study assesses the prevalence of aggression among youth and to assess the risk factors of aggression among youth. MATERIALS AND METHODS Anger Data sheet, Resilience Scale and Buss-Perry Aggression Scale, were administered on(More)
BACKGROUND Youth have shown indulgence in various high-risk behaviors and violent activities. Yoga-based approaches have been used for the management of psychological problems. The present work explores the role of mindfulness-based program in the management of aggression among youth. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sociodemographic information schedule, Buss-Perry(More)
Limitation of available information on caregiver perspective on managing the users excessive use of technology. The present case series explore the caregiver burden related to users addictive use of video game. The users and caregivers approached the service of healthy use of technology (SHUT clinic) for management. They were assessed using Griffith(More)
In this research work, we have proposed a segmentation technique for words and characters of Devanagari offline handwritten scripts. Due to complex structures and high unevenness in writing styles, recognition of words and characters from the unconstrained scripts has become a burning vicinity of interest for researchers. The proposed Pixel Plot and Trace(More)
In the Indian subcontinent, a number of languages are in use, and an automatic recognition of printed and handwritten scripts facilitates number of applications such as image document sorting and penetrating online libraries of image documents. This framework proposed a bilingual (English and Hindi) character-spotting framework based on feedforward neural(More)
In the present paper, we used the Pixel Plot and Trace and Re-plot and Re-trace (PPTRPRT) technique for English offline handwritten curve scripts and leads. Unlike other approaches, the PPTRPRT technique prioritizes segmentation of words and characters. The PPTRPRT technique extracts text regions from English offline handwritten cursive scripts and leads an(More)